Badger 1/4 zip fleece with AACC EMT STUDENT LOGO



EMT STUDENT 1/4 zip fleece

SKU: 1481NVY
Color: NAVY
  • Note: Your order WILL NOT ship to your address. Items will be ordered when the school store closes, printed with in 2 weeks and dropped off to the school administration. Administration will contact you with your order.

    If you DO NOT ORDER by the specified date by the EMT Department, then you must pay for shipping charges - #1 Shipping charge of $12.50 for the shipping of your Blue Generation Polos - #2 Shipping Charge $14.95 for the shipping of Badger 1/4 Zip Fleece items - #3 Shipping of the items to you address $12.50

    You could possibly have 3 seperate shipping charges if ordering past the Store Closing Date of the Store. Shipping of items from the vendor to our location for emblishment and shipping to your address.

    The Online store will remain open after the closing date but FREE SHIPPING and FREE DROP OFF TO AACC will not be available. So we recommend you order your items with in the dates given to you.